April 2022 – Former lab member Dr. Sam Schaffter is featured in AZO Life Sciences. Check out the article, “From Test Tube to Cell; Creating Biological Computers from RNA”

January 2021 – The Schulman Lab’s research is featured in Chemistry World magazine. Check out the article, “DNA Machines Get a Move On“.

August 2019 –  “Excess DNA tiles support lifespan of nanotubes published in MRSBulletin

May 2019 –  “Self-healing DNA nanostructures” American Chemical Society – Articles published in EurekAlert, Science Daily, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Interesting Engineering and

April 2019 – The latest JHTV Newsletter will be emailed to subscribers with this article featuring Professor Schulman – Technology Spotlight – Responsive Materials That Could Move Cells

March 2019 -Technology Spotlight – Responsive Materials That Could Move Cells

March 2018 – “Swell Findings in Hydrogels” The New England Journal of Medicine

February 2018 – “Harnessing the Power of Shape-shifting Polymers” Chemical and Engineering News

January 2017: Scientists have built a bridge of homing DNA (Popular Mechanics Russia) Note: bridges form by diffusive motion, there is no homing!

June 2015: ACS Nano podcast features Schulman work on kinetic proofreading using DNA tiles (ACS Nano podcast, June 2015 edition)

January 2013: Prof. Schulman wins an NSF CAREER award (JHU hub)